Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Bohemian Girl...Where Those Marble Halls Dwelt!

The Bohemian Girl was first produced at the Drury Lane Theatre
in London in 1843, and stayed in the repertoire into
the 1930s.
The music was composed by Michael William Balfe,
lyrics by Alfred Bunn.
The aria, I Dreamt That I Dwelt In Marble Halls,
was first sung by Elizabeth Rainforth.

 Three movies were made:
The first, a silent picture in 1922 
and a shortened version of the opera in 1927, both British.
In 1936, a Hollywood version was created, starring Laurel and Hardy! 
It was credited as "A Comedy Version of The Bohemian Girl."
 Jacqueline Wells starred as Arline,
with her singing dubbed by Rosina Lawrence.

 Laurel and Hardy played 17th Century Austrian peasants...
and co-starring was Darla Hood
(of Our Gang fame)!

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