Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Bad First Impression!

 In our Flop Corner this week is
First Impressions, from 1959, a musical version of Pride and Prejudice.
The book was done by Abe Burrows (Guys and Dolls?)
and music by George Weiss, Robert Goldman, and Glenn Paxton.

 Starring as Mr. Darcy, Farley Granger...
who knew he could sing?

 as Elizabeth Bennet, Polly Bergen...

 Hermoine Gingold played Mrs. Bennett...

 and as Jane Bennett, Phyllis Newman.
The show lasted 84 performances,
and despite its short run, a cast album was made
(that used to be a tradition! Even those 6 day wonders were recorded!).
These photos were all take at that recording session.

One more look at those sideburns!
By the end of the production,
Gingold, Bergen and Farley weren't speaking to each other.
Jules Styne was brought in, to juice up the music,
but for naught. 
Poof! It disappeared! 

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