Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Charles Aznavour...the way France does a Sinatra!

 Born in 1924 in Paris, Shanour Aznavourian dropped out of school
at age 9, and began performing in plays and singing and dancing in nightclubs.
His stage name, Charles Aznavour.

 Charles began writing songs in 1944 with Pierre Roche,
and their first attempts became popular in Canada and Europe, 
but some like "Hier Encore"
("Yesterday When I Was Young") 
jumped across the pond!

 Dancing with Edith Piaf,
who was instrumental in starting his career as a singer.
His big break came in 1946, when Edith named Charles as
the opener for her tour.

One of Charles' MANY songs, "She" (that he wrote with Herbert Kretzmer) 
reached the Number 1 spot on the UK charts in 1974.  
He has written hundreds of songs, 
duetted with all the greats,
performed at Carnegie Hall...
and is presently Armenia's Ambassador to Switzerland, where he lives.

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