Friday, April 17, 2015

Matilda: El Smash!

 Matilda debuted in the West End in London in 2011...
and on Broadway in 2013.
A record breaking 7 Olivier Awards, and 5 Tonys,
and Best Musical awards on both "sides of the pond."
Above, "When I Grow Up."
The sets are astonding!
 So many little girls have played Matilda!
Casts usually have 3-4 young ladies rotating in the role.
Above, Adrianna Bertola's "turn."

 Bertie Carvel as the definitive Miss Trunchbull.
(Note: His headshot looks entirely different!)

 "Bruce" in in Cake...front and center.

 Paul Kaye, Josie Walker, and Peter Howe
as the Wormwood Family.
Paul sings "Telly" on our show this week.

 Lauren Ward (seated) as Miss Honey...
and Bertie as the Trunchbull towering over her!

Composer/Lyricist Tim Minchin.
Working on the film!?

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