Saturday, April 18, 2015

All That Fosse Jazz

 2 On The Aisle's opener this week comes from
the opening number of All That Jazz...
"On Broadway,"
a cattle call audition for a dozen dancers in 
"Joe Gideon's new musical."

 Roy Scheider got raves for his portrayal of Joe,
based on Bob Fosse...the creator/director/choreographer of the film.
Despite Roy's inability to dance, he wowed the critics.
The movie is "a semi-autobiographical fantasy" of Fosse's life,
with Fellini-esque elements.
And it's frickin' great.

 Playing Roy's girlfriend,
Bob's REAL girlfriend...Ann Reinking (top).
Leland Palmer (bottom) played Roy's ex-wife,
based on Bob's ex-wife, Gwen Verdon,
who also helped on this movie.
Confused yet?

"Bye Bye Life," the film's finale,
with Ben Vereen, Roy, and what looks to be the circulatory system
dancing with a mirror ball.
The reviews were all over the place...
Leonard Maitlin called it "self indulgent and buried in pretension."
Stanley Kubrick said it was "the best movie I have ever seen."

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