Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Playlist for Sunday, April 19, 2015: Henry and George and Peggy and Sid...and BRUCE!

Robert Preston isn't sending roses, Bruce Bogtrotter can't quite finish that cake, Sid Caesar is the Prince, and Peggy Cass is the Queen, but merely of Terre Haute...yes, we've got quite a range on 2 On The Aisle this Sunday.  Sometimes you just have to mix things up!

Highlights:  A bunch from Matilda (7 Olivier Awards? 5 Tonys?)....George Benson's rendition of "On Broadway" (that opening number of Fosse's All That Jazz), three (count 'em, 3) goodies from I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change...and a mini-tribute to Henry Mancini.

Henry died way too early for me; he was only 70 when he passed away in 1994.  I mean, all those movie soundtracks and TV themes...lush and perfect for the 1950s through the 80s...and a few even later. It's his birthday on Thursday, April 16th, so I thought maybe we'd feature a few (of his very many) creations, like Charade, the theme from Peter Gunn, Moon River, Victor/Victoria, and of course the theme for the Pink Panther. Blake Edwards was his partner in crime for several movies, as well as Stanley Donen and Howard Hawks, and he recorded over 90 albums.  No slouch, he. 

Oh, and our Flop Corner is back.  You wouldn't wanna miss THAT, would you? :)

On Broadway (George Benson, All That Jazz)
Look What Happened To Mabel (Bernadette Peters, Mack & Mabel)
Movies Were Movies (Robert Preston, Mack & Mabel)
Wherever He Ain't (Bernadette Peters, Mack & Mabel)
I Won't Send Roses (Robert Preston, Mack & Mabel)
Quiet (Adrianna Bertola, Matilda)
Telly (Paul Kaye, Matilda)
When I Grow Up (Adrianna Bertola, Lauren Ward, Matilda)
Bruce (Bertie Carvel, Matilda)
I Was Here (Marc Kudisch, The Glorious Ones)
Steady, Steady (Michele Lee, Bravo Giovanni)
When Love Arrives (Steven Pacey, Diana Morrison, By Jeeves!)
Miss What's Her Name (Deborah Gravitte, Miss Spectacular)
Moon River (Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's)
Crazy World (Instrumental, Victor/Victoria)
Charade (Shirley Bassey, Charade)
The Pink Panther Theme (Instrumental, The Pink Panther)\
The Peter Gunn Theme (Instrumental, Peter Gunn)
Let's Step Out (Susan Powell, Karen Ziemba, Fifty Million Frenchmen)
The Queen Of Terre Haute (Peggy Cass, Fifty Million Frenchmen)
Find Me A Primitive Man (Kim Criswell, Fifty Million Frenchmen)
You've Got That Thing (Jason Graae, Fifty Million Frenchmen)
A Stud And A Babe (Robert Roznowski, Jennifer Simard, I Love You, You're Perfect,
                   Now Change)
Waiting Trio (Robert Roznowski, Jennifer Simard, Melissa Weil, I Love You...)
Marriage Tango (Robert Roznowski, Melissa Weil, I Love You...)
70, Girls, 70 (Ensemble, 70, Girls, 70)
Do We? (Gil Lamb, Lucie Lancaster, 70, Girls, 70)
Coffee In A Cardboard Cup (Lillian Hayman, Goldye Shaw, 70, Girls, 70)
Little Me (Virginia Martin, Nancy Andrews, Little Me)
I've Got Your Number (Swen Swenson, Virginia Martin, Little Me)
Real Live Girl (Male Ensemble, Little Me)
Goodbye (The Prince's Farewell) (Sid Caesar, Ensemble, Little Me)

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