Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Delays, Divas, and (really high) Belts!

 The NYC Subway System serves
as a microcosm for lives "between stations"...
in In Transit, touted as the first Broadway a Capella musical.
It opened on Broadway in December of 2016.
11 New Yorkers who aren't quite "there yet."
 The reviews were all over the place,
with the Times finding the characters sterotypical,
and the gritty subway venue underused.
The cast album, however, was praised,
thanks to the exceptional arrangements of Deke Sharon.
 The show went "out of service" in April of 2017.

 Mariand Torres, Moya Angela (in a one of a kind MetroCard dress)
and Gerianne Perez.

 Margot Seibert (seated)
receiving "A Little Friendly Advice"
from Moya Angela.

 Erin Mackey and
"Saturday Night Obsession"

 An Evening With Sutton Foster: 
Live At The Cafe Carlyle
was recorded in 2011,
and features songs from her star turns 
on Broadway,
along with some juicy jazz standards.

 We'll hear a medley of Sutton's Broadway hits,
plus the nifty "Air Conditioner" written by Christine Lavin
(see her Future Fossils album for one of her
crazier songs!).

 War Paint wars on!
Patti Lupone and Christine Ebersole...
with "Beauty In The World",
the meeting of minds that "never happened."
The music of Scott Frankel, lyrics Michael Korie.
That song in particular brings me back to that writing team's
 earlier work, Grey Gardens.

 We'll also hear
with John Dossett and Douglas Sills
(the "partners" of Arden and Rubenstein)
comparing notes and trading pterodactyl screams...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Playlist for Sunday, September 24, 2017: En Garde, I say!

I sit here with a fat lip. That is actually attached to me. No, I wasn't out late at the bars, trading fisticuffs with non-Broadway types, attempting to convert them the old fashioned way. ("What? You don't like Sondheim? Why, I'll teach you a thing or 7!!!") Nah, it was just a boring dental procedure (the only way a dame like me can end up with a battle scar. Well...other than bike blow-outs, curse the gods), which has left me looking a bit like a duck, bill and all, with an ice pack at the ready, ibu-something next to that, and a very large bill (of the financial kind) to pay off. Jazz 90.1 knows nothing of dental insurance.

But all swelling aside, I must concentrate on our playlist for Sunday. Gotta get the Broadway out! And man, 2 on the Aisle is very WITH IT this week, with THIS season's shows...well, okay...there is a Classic Corner and a Sondheim Corner and a couple of old revues...but MOSTLY we'll be hearing stuff that is on Broadway now (well, a couple of them have closed already), but still. In Transit (that a capella goodie), War Paint, Bandstand...see, I'm current, dammit! Plus some Sutton Foster gems, and for the folks who like those Broadway parodies, we'll Spamilton, we'll Upstairs At O'Neals, and we'll Scrambled Feet.

Something for everyone. See you at "the Broadway bar" and I'll prove it to you, bub!

Deep Beneath The City (Company, In Transit)
Nobody (Corey Cott, Laura Osnes, Company, Bandstand)
I Know A Guy (Corey Cott, Bandstand)
A Band In New York City (Corey Cott, Laura Osnes, Brandon J. Ellis,
      Alex Bender, Ensemble, Bandstand)
Back On Top (Patti Lupone, War Paint)
Dinosaurs (John Dossett, Douglas Sills, War Paint)
Beauty In The World (Patti Lupone, Christine Ebersole, War Paint)
Bidin' My Time (Mary Martin, Girl Crazy)
My Ship (Maria Friedman, Lady In The Dark)
This is All Very New To Me (Barbara Cook, Plain And Fancy)
Civilization (Danny Kaye, The Andrew Sisters, Angel In The Wings)
Nothing (Priscilla Lopez, A Chorus Line)
Something (Douglas Bernstein, Upstairs At O'Neals)
What'd I Miss? (Daveed Diggs, Ensemble, Hamilton)
What Did You Miss? (Spamilton)
Not For The Life Of Me/NYC/Astonishing (Sutton Foster, Live At The Cafe      Carlyle)
Air Conditioner (Sutton Foster, Live At The Cafe Carlyle)
My Heart Was Set On You (Sutton Foster, Live At The Cafe Carlyle)
Finishing The Hat (Mandy Patinkin, Sunday In The Park With George)
Someone In A Tree (Alvin Ing, B.D. Wong, Telly Lung, Evan D'Angeles,
      Pacific Overtures)
Ladies In Their Sensitivities (Edmund Lyndeck, Jake Eric Williams,
     Victor Garber, Sarah Rice, Sweeney Todd)
Have You Ever Been On Stage (Evalyn Baron, Hermoine, Scrambled Feet)
Funny/The Duck Joke (Andrea Martin, Lannyl Stephens, My Favorite Year)
Saturday Night Obsession (Erin Mackey, In Transit)
But, Ya Know (James Snyder, Margo Seibert, In Transit)
A Little Friendly Advice (Moya Angela, Company, In Transit)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Gavin Creel. In Everything.

 Gavin Creel is presently playing
Cornelius Hackl (above with Kate Baldwin)
in Hello Dolly!
But before that he was in...

 Thoroughly Modern Millie, 2002,
with Sutton Foster
(above with his TONY award, which he just this year
received for Dolly!) 
We'll hear him sing
"What Do I Need With Love?"

 ...and he was in 
The Book Of Mormon...
(2013 and 2015)

 and Eloise at Christmastime (2003)
for television, with Sofia Vassilieva...

 ...She Loves Me, in 2016
(above with Jane Krakowski)...

...and Hair, in 2009.
Plus a ton of other stuff.
I just thought you'd like to know. :)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Ever After...well, hopefully there's a pre-nup!

 Shots from Shrek (The Musical...not the book by William Steig,
which was tops 15 pages, and most of it illustrations!),
Bryan d'Arcy James and Sutton Foster
and lots of great Jeanine Tesori music
and swell David Lindsay-Abaire lyrics.
I pity Bryan, having to do it all in a green padded costume like that,
but he more than managed.
three aging Fionas
sing "I Know It's Today"
("the waiting, the WAITING!")
 John Tartaglia as Pinocchio
in "Story Of My Life"..."outed by my nose".

 Joseph Bova chatting up Carol Burnett
in 1959's Once Upon A Mattress.
Below, mom and pop...
Jack Gilford and Jane White.

 Carol would play this role on television
in 1964 and 1972...
and she returned one final (maybe?) time in 2005
to play Queen Agravain (below center)
with Dick Smothers as the King (right)
and Tracey Ullman as Princess "Fred".
That's Edward Hibbert on the bottom left,
a great character actor
seen in Drowsy Chaperone and Curtains
(just to name a measley 2).

It was 1957 and Rodgers and Hammerstein were
hot to do a project with Julie Andrews
(who was"flushed with success" from My Fair Lady),
so Cinderella was born!
Live on CBS, and viewed by over 100 million people...
I missed it. I was 2. 
Above, Julie with Fairy Godmother Edie Adams, sans wand;
below, the stepsisters,
Kaye Ballard and Alice Ghostley,
and between them,
Ilka Chase, who played the lovely (not) Stepmother! 

Had to include this 1970s shot
of Julie and hubby Blake Edwards.
Note head band, fringe, and ...are those velour pants?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Playlist For Sunday, September 17, 2017: I need a couple of Agravains

Nice thing about long distance biking...takes 3 or 4 hours (or 3 or 4 weeks) to do, and while you're out there: a.) you get to avoid actually doing anything else, like DEAL with Life, and b.) the prodigious amount of oxygen you suck up inspires the craziest plans. That you can't ACT ON! Because you're biking to fricking Phoenicia. Wow, I love it. Gargantuan plans, with the possibility of absolutely no follow up. Perfect. Cuz I'm an Idea Person. My staff does the actual dirty work (dirty dishes, oil changes, picture hanging, TAXES!) (Unfortunately not blog writing, that'd be overtime. I draw the line). That's me.

So the following "playlist" (note quotes) was dreamt up on a bike. Blame the chemical imbalance in my wind-blown brain (the helmet has holes, ya know). Once Upon A Timey Stuff. Ever Afters. Broadway ogres, stepsisters, wolves, and Queen Agravain (that last won sounds the a migraine med that makes you Grumpy). And then once "...happily ever after" flashes on the "screen", we dive into contemporary stuff, like Evan and Lin and Jenna at the bakery. AND cheesiest theme yet: What? As in So What? As in So What Else/What Kind/ What Do/What Are...Whatever!

So you can point, laugh, and blame the O2. But really, how far can you topple, how bad can it be? It's Broadway. It catches you. In a very sparkly net. :)

Overture (Instrumental, Cinderella)
Story Of My Life (John Tartaglia, Jennifer Simard, Ensemble,
       Shrek The Musical)
I Know It's Today (Leah Greenhaus, Marissa O'Donnell, Sutton Foster,
       Shrek The Musical)
Who I'd Be (Bryan d'Arcy James, Shrek The Musical)
An Opening For A Princess (Company, Once Upon A Mattress)
Sensitivity (Jane White, Robert Weil, Once Upon A Mattress)
Happily Ever After (Carol Burnett, Once Upon A Mattress)
The Prince Is Giving A Ball (Ensemble, Cinderella)
Stepsisters' Lament (Kaye Ballard, Alice Ghostley, Cinderella)
A Lovely Night (Julie Andrews, Ilka Chase, Kaye Ballard, Alice Ghostley,
Two Fairy Tales (Suzanne Henry, Craig Lucas, Marry Me A Little)
Happily Ever After (Craig Lucas, Marry Me A Little)
Hello, Little Girl (Danielle Ferland, Robert Westenberg, Into The Woods)
Agony (Robert Westenberg, Chuck Wagner, Into The Woods)
Ever After (Company, Into The Woods)
What Baking Can Do (Jessie Mueller, Waitress)
I Love You Like A Table (Christopher Fitzgerald, Kimiko Glenn, Waitress)
You Matter To Me (Drew Gehling, Jessie Mueller, Waitress)
When Words Fail (Bryan d'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, Shrek The Musical)
Too Beautiful For Words (Elisabeth Withers, The Color Purple)
Words Fail (Ben Platt, Dear Evan Hansen)
Breathe (Mandy Gonzalez, In The Heights)
Blackout (Lin-Manuel Miranda, Company, In The Heights)
So What? (Lotte Lenya, Cabaret)
So What Else Is New? (Harry Guardino, "Katz", Woman Of The Year)
What Is This Feeling? (Kristen Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, Wicked)
What Do The Simple Folk Do? (Julie Andrews, Richard Burton, Camelot)
What Has She Got? (Faith Prince, Redhead)
What Do I Need With Love? (Gavin Creel, Thoroughly Modern Millie)
What Kind Of Girl Is She? (Heidi Blickenstaff, Susan Blackwell, [title of show])
What Kind Of Man? (Debra Monk, Jason Danieley, Karen Ziemba,
       Jill Paice, Edward Hibbert, Curtains)
Whatever Happened To My Part? (Sara Ramirez, Spamalot)

Saturday, September 9, 2017

2 Chicks on 2 On The Aisle!

 Judy, Judy, Judy...
as in Tuvim.
Yup, her real name (til she switched it) was
Judith Tuvim,
born in Sunnyside, Queens in 1921.
One of her first jobs was as a switchboard operator
(so she had plenty of experience for "Bells")
for the Mercury Theatre, run by Orson Welles and John Houseman.
Take a minute to imagine that.

Above and below,
pics from the recording session of Broadway's
Bells Are Ringing...with Syd Chaplin (her co-star)
and below with Gerry Mulligan, her long time "guy".


 Above with Dean Martin,
in the film version of Bells,
done in 1960.

 With William Holden in
Born Yesterday...
done in 1950.
An Academy Award winning performance!
 Adam's Rib, released in 1949,
with Kate Hepburn and Spencer Tracey.
Judy as the wronged wife!
A Golden Globe nomination...

 And with Jack Lemmon in a publicity shot from
Judy passed away at the age of 43,
having completed just 13 movies
and 7 staged productions.
We wuz robbed!

 Carol Burnett
(yes, her REAL name!)
was born in 1933, in San Antonio, Texas.
Raised by her grandmother, in near destitute conditions,
Carol caught the theatre bug
and (thanks to a monetary gift from an "angel")
moved to NYC to try her luck!

 Making a splash with Once Upon A Mattress,
and success on the Garry Moore Show, concerts, and 
myriad television appearances 
(including a Twilight Zone!),
Fade Out - Fade In (1964) came along.
Carol starred with Jack Cassidy (above) and
Dick Patterson (below).

 Reviews were positive, and box off sales UP,
til Carol sustained a neck injury,
began to miss performances,
and ending up leaving the production
 for a television show (The Entertainers).
Betty Hutton replaced her in the role,
but the show lost momentum and closed.

Couldn't resist adding these two shots,
above with Woody and Julie...
and below, well, cuz it's cute! :)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Playlist for Sunday, September 10, 2017: She's Back!

Back from the bike ride of the year! 960 miles around a big blue wet thing called Huron. It really is a "great" great that it took 3 plus weeks to circumnavigate! My thighs will never be the same. To amuse myself during tedious terrain, wind, rain, and locust invasions, I attempted to sing Broadway ditties along the pedaling pathway, in withdrawal from 2 on the Aisle as I was, but my brain can hold only so many lyrics, so there were A LOT of repeated choruses (very few verses) and thank the bike gods that no one was listening, cuz my pitch was ALL over the place.

Nevertheless, I am BACK. I am HOME. And there, in big CAPITAL letters are 2 of our themes for this Sunday. Also a taste of Lucky Stiff, Stephen Flaherty's first collaboration with wordsmith Lynn Ahrens, back in 1988. I sampled this musical up close and personal in early August at Bristol Valley Theatre, and thought it was important enough (and good enough) to broadcast or' the airwaves. Also my penchant for eccentric Kander and Ebb flops (and flops in general, always) will hold sway...but best of the afternoon will be Barbara Cook, a (tardy) tribute to that Broadway (and caber-ay) titan who passed away before I could satisfactorily say goodbye. So that time is now.

I'll be munching on a protein bar, I'll still smell of Ben Gay, but I'll be LIVE and ALIVE this Sunday...stop by! :)

P.S. As Carol B. sings, "It's Good To Be Back Home."

Til There Was You (Barbara Cook, Robert Preston, The Music Man)
I'm Going Back (Judy Holliday, Bells Are Ringing)
Maybe I'll Come Back (Judy Garland, Judy)
It's Good To Be Back Home (Carol Burnett, Fade Out - Fade In)
Back On Base (Sally Mays, Close Than Ever)
He's Back (David Wayne, Ensemble, The Happy Time)
She Hadda Go Back (Craig Stevens, Ensemble, Here's Love)
Take Back Your Mink (Vivian Blaine, "The Hot Box Girls," Guys And Dolls)
Ice Cream (Barbara Cook, She Loves Me)
Goodnight My Someone (Barbara Cook, The Music Man)
Will He Like Me? (Barbara Cook, She Loves Me)
Something Funny's Going On (Company, Lucky Stiff)
Rita's Confession (Mary Testa, Jason Graae, Lucky Stiff)
Speaking French (Debbie Gravitte, Lucky Stiff)
Come Back To Me (John Cullum, On A Clear Dear You Can See Forever)
Be Back Soon (Clive Reville, Ensemble, Oliver!)
I've Been There And I'm Back (Edward Platt, Tony Randall, Oh Captain!)
You'll Be Back (Jonathan Groff, Hamilton)
The Happy Time (Robert Goulet, The Happy Time)
Not Every Day Of The Week (Bob Dishy, Liza Minelli, Flora The Red Menace)
A Quiet Thing (Liza Minelli, Flora Menace)
(Walking) Among My Yesterdays (Robert Goulet, The Happy Time)
I Want To Go Back To Michigan (Judy Garland, Easter Parade)
Homesick Blues (Carol Channing, Ensemble, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)
Let's Go Home (Joanna Gleason, Nick & Nora)
My Home Town (Tom Lehrer, The Remains Of Tom Lehrer)
In Buddy's Eyes (Barbara Cook, Follies)
Long Before I Knew You (Barbara Cook)
My White Knight (Barbara Cook, The Music Man)
Losing My Mind (Barbara Cook, Follies)
Make Our Garden (Barbara Cook, Robert Rounseville, Company, Candide)