Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Some LOVE IT Hot!

 "Running Wild"... written by
A.H. Gibbs, Joe Grey and Leo Wood...and performed by
 Sweet Sue and Her Society Syncopators!

 Makeup for Josephine and Daphne...
a female impersonator/aerialist Barbette
coached the two in "gender illusion." 

 Tony and Marilyn more than "got along,"
until that "like kissing Hitler" comment came out.
Then things became frosty.

 Jack and Joe E. Brown,
dancing the night away!
However, it was actually...

 ...George Raft (center, as Spats Columbo) who taught
that duet how to tango!
On the left, Mike Mazurki, and on the right, Harry Wilson.
What faces!

" I'm Through with Love,"
written by Gus Kahn, Matty Malneck, and
Fud Livingston.
Marilyn suffered a miscarriage during the course of filming. 

The "Seminole Ritz" was actually the 
Hotel Del Coronado, in California.
Please note the sheltering palms!

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