Friday, November 28, 2014

George M. Cohan: 1878 - 1942

 Born on "the 4th of July," well, close enough...
George Michael Cohan...soon to be "the man who 
owned Broadway." 

 The Four Cohans (originally spelled "Keohane"), a vaudeville troupe 
which toured from 1890 - 1901.
George was first seen on stage as an infant "prop."

 Here with his sister, Josephine (Josie).

 The Four Cohans in action...
George officially joined the act at age 8.

 James Cagney in the bio pic, "Yankee Doodle Dandy," 1942,
pictured here in a scene from "Little Johnny Jones,"from 1904! 
That show debuted the songs,"Give My Regards to Broadway," and 
"Yankee Doodle Boy."
Rosemary DeCamp, Walter Huston, Jeanne Cagney 
(yes! James' real-life sister, playing George's sister)
and James in Hollywood's perspective on "The Four Cohans."
George consulted and approved the film,
just prior to his death in 1942.

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