Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lee Remick: 1935 - 1991

 At the recording session for "Anyone Can Whistle."
One of the Sondheim shows that ran for one week...but back in the day,
even flops got their day in the recording "sun,"
with a full-fledged original cast album.

 She co-starred in "Whistle" with Angela Lansbury 
and Harry Guardino.
Arthur Laurents, who did the book, wanted
Barbra Streisand for the part, but she turned it down 
to do "Funny Girl."

 "Whistle" began a life-long friendship between
Lee and Stephen,
and some say she hoped for more than friendship.

 Previously, Lee had played Laura Manion in Otto Preminger's
"Anatomy of a Murder," 1959...

 ...and "Days of WIne and Roses" 
with Jack Lemmon, in 1962.

 Lee's film debut was "A Face in the Crowd,"
with Andy Griffith.
While filming in Arkansas, Lee lived with a local family
and practiced baton twirling, to look believable in her 
twirling competition scene.
She was 22 years old.

Lee passed away at the age of 55...
having made over 30 movies, and 
twice as many television appearances.

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