Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Show Boat: Lots of Vessels. All Big!

 Showboat debuted in 1927,
at Florence Ziegfeld's "new" theatre, on Sixth Avenue.
It starred Norma Terris, Helen Morgan, and Jules Beldsoe.

 In the 1936 movie, Irene Dunne, Allan Jones, 
Helen Morgan (again!) and...

 ...Paul Robeson, who also appeared in several revivals.

 In the 1951 movie, Kathryn Grayson appeared as Magnolia 
Howard Keel played Ravenal...

 and Ava Gahhhhdner...was Julie,
although her singing voice was dubbed by
Annette Warren.

A studio cast recording was made in 1962,
with John Raitt, Barbara Cook, and William Warfield.
The musical perpetrators....Hammerstein and Kern.

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