Thursday, April 13, 2017

Watch Out For That Rotogravure!

 MGM's Easter Parade (1948)
has some crazy casting "accidents" 
that changed the entire feel of the movie.
First off, Gene Kelly was supposed to star opposite 
Judy Garland,
but just days before filming was to start,
he broke his ankle, playing volleyball (of all things). 
He asked Fred to come out of retirement (one of many!)
and replace him, and Fred was supposedly elated to work with JG.
Meanwhile, Cyd Charisse was supposed to be Nadine
(Fred's original partner in the story)
but she broke her leg! 
Enter Ann Miller in her MGM debut.
 Peter Lawford was that 
"Fella With An Umbrella".

 Songs by Irving Berlin!
Above, the classic "A Couple Of Swells."
The score was completed by Roger Edens and Johnny Green,
and it garnered them a Best Score Oscar.
 What a trio!
Fred (age 49), Peter Lawford (his second movie musical...after Good News)
and Judy.
Below, that scandalous "Mr. Monotony" number that was 
excised at the last minute,
as it was thought too risque for the movie's 1912 setting.
The outfit had to wait til Summer Stock (1950)
and the number had to wait til
That's Entertainment! III.
 Fred, Irving Berlin, and Peter
share a guffaw over sheet music.

The "Steppin' Out With My Baby" number...
Easter Parade was the most financially successful movie
that Astaire or Garland did.
And I want those shoes!

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