Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Playlist for Sunday, April 30, 2017: But Officer, It's Broaday!

"Take it easy out there, m'am. And turn your radio down."

I've gotten 2 speeding tickets in my life. And 2 warnings. Of those 4 dealings with the law, 3 of them I have to blame on Broadway.  I'm flying along, singing to Jules or Jerry or Lenny or Steve (Steve?? Really, you're THAT close?), at volume 11, and here come those flashing bubble tops, just as sure as Herman always does 7 more choruses then he needs to, as sure as Howard Keel looks (looked?) good in buckskin, as sure as John Adams never "sits down". You get caught up, is all. And the pedal goes DOWN.

The other time I was just cocky. Damn small towns and their speed traps.

So watch it out there on the roads, Broadway mavens, is all I'll say. Keep the volume to a respectable...10. Maybe listen to a musical you don't LOVE, so you won't be so enticed to pedal it to the metal. Which is difficult for me, because the more I listen to even the bagels, the flops, the stinkeroos, the more I appreciate them, understand "where they're coming from", and fall in love with them. And then I'm on to another chorus and another 10mph over the limit.

Meanwhile, drive to this: On The Town, Urinetown. Promises, Promises. Audra (always), Christine (not enough). John Adams, Amalia, 7 hunky brothers, waitresses, taxi drivers, polecats, and peas. Worth a ticket??? :)

New York, New York (Cris Alexander, Adolph Green, John Battles,
      On The Town)
Sit Down, John (William Daniels, Company, 1776)
Molasses To Rum (Clifford David, 1776)
Cool, Cool, Considerate Men (Paul Hecht, Ensemble, 1776)
The House We Live In (Christine Ebersole, Grey Gardens)
Will You? (Christine Ebersole, Grey Gardens)
Peas In A Pod (Erin Davie, Christine Ebersole, Grey Gardens)
My Own Morning (Leslie Uggams, Hallelujah, Baby!)
Go Back Home (Audra McDonald, The Scottsboro Boys)
The Sweetest Sounds/I Can See It (Ann Hampton Callaway & Liz Callaway,
      Sibling Revelry)
Try Me (Nicholas Barasch, Byron Jennings, She Loves Me)
Will He Like Me? (Laura Benanti, She Loves Me)
A Trip To The Library (Jane Krakowski, She Loves Me)
Too Much Exposition (Jeff McCarthy, Spencer Kayden, Urinetown)
Cop Song (Jeff McCarthy, Daniel Marcus, Urinetown)
Run, Freedom, Run! (Hunter Foster, Urinetown)
Bless Your Beautiful Hide (Howard Keel, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers)
Lonesome Polecat (Tommy Rall, Russ Tamblyn, Ensemble, Seven Brides
      For Seven Brothers)
Goin' Co'tin ( Jane Powell, Brothers!, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers)
Everything's Great (Kenneth Tobey, Paula Wayne, Golden Boy)
Everything (Paul Hecht, Robby Benson, Leila Martin, The Rothschilds)
Everything I Know (Mandy Gonzalez, In The Heights)
Everything Changes (Jessie Mueller, Waitress)
Overture (Instrumental, Promises, Promises)
Promises, Promises (Jerry Orbach, Promises, Promises)
Knowing When To Leave (Jill O'Hara, Promises, Promises)
Come Up To My Place (Nancy Walker, Cris Alexander, On The Town)
Some Other Time (Betty Comden, Nancy Walker, Ensemble, On The Town)
Nightclub Sequence/You Got Me (Company, On The Town)

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