Thursday, April 6, 2017

Waiting in the Wings for Sunday!

 They got pretty excited about money
(as in "We're IN The Money!") in 1933,
when 42nd Street (the movie) was released.
Choreography by Busby Berkeley,
and starring Ruby Keeler as Peggy Sawyer,
Warren Baxter as Julian Marsh,
Dick Powell as Billy Lawler,
and Ginger Rodgers as Anytime Annie.

 That's some "nickel" they're dancing on!
Above and below,
42nd Street on Broadway, 1980.
Wonder if those coins below are the same ones from the movie...
No inflation?

 1970 marked the debut of Lauren Bacall 
on Broadway, in a musical no less:
Note fringe. Note boas. 
Note a damn good-looking Bacall,
who was 46 at the time.
 Below with Ginger Rodgers, on opening night of 
Woman Of The Year, 1980.
Lauren won Tonys for both of these over the top performances.

 Wise-ass parody, the sincerest form of flattery.
Lin-Manuel Miranda (creator of Hamilton)
taking in Forbidden Broadway's version...Spamilton.
Note subtly changed poster! 

 Above and below,
the appropriately "costumed" and "propped" 
cast which featured:
Dan Rosales, Chris Anthony Giles, Nicholas Edwards, 
Juwan Crawley and Nora Schell
(below with the 2 other "Schuyler Sisters").
The creation of Gerard Alessandrini
who did 1,000 other Forbidden Broadway versions before this.

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