Saturday, April 8, 2017

I wish I was "Middle Ages" again!

A Medieval moment on 2 on the Aisle tomorrow...
Something Rotten! starts us off.
(Okay, technically NOT set in the middle ages,but...) 
"Welcome To The Renaissance" shows that we survived that 
UN-enlightened time, singing and dancing to boot!
(Oops. I forget this was the BROADWAY Middle Ages.)

 Camelot though...that's King Arthur and knights,
so, for sure, that's Medieval!
Above, the first read-thru of the musical.
Can you spot Bob Goulet, Julie Andrews, Richard Burton...
and Roddy McDowell?
 Lerner and Loewe are up there, too,
along with John Cullum, making his Broadway debut as Sir Dinadan.
 Above, Richard with Julie 
(who was 25 at the time; Richard was 10 years older)
celebrating opening night, 1960,
 and below in tights and a drool-worthy pair of silver shoes.
Not a round table in sight,
but I say, who needs it with THAT King Arthur!

 Above and below,
Joseph Bova and Carol Burnett
(more Middle Ages tomfoolery)
in Once Upon A Mattress.
Mary Rodgers began writing this show 
at an adult summer camp in the Catskills.

 Another King Arthur,
Tim Curry and (patsy) Patsy...
from Spamalot.
Couldn't resist this montage below,
all from critical moments in the show.
We'll hear "I'm All Alone".

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