Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Playlist for Sunday, April 23, 2017: To Theme Or Not To Theme...

Broadway's got the Goods!  And the Betters...and a few Bests. Line 'em up, like Rockettes, and they (fingers crossed) make a show, hopefully just before that domino-effect collapse at the Christmas Extravaganz ("I canna change the laws a physics, Cap'n!"). From Good Mornings to Good Nights and everything in...between. From Better With A Man to The Best Man...from Doing Good, to Being Good, to You Be Good Or Eubie Blake, they jazz together like gravy on poutine. Yeah, another cheesy theme (how 'bout a cheese theme, Kim?), to carry us through April Shenanigans.

We'll also be auditioning that Pippin reincarnation of 2013 (call me Old School, but I loved the original Schwartz/Fosse jazz-handed original so much, I feel like a KGB defector even listening to the revival). But personal opinions aside, this "new" Pippin is decent, albeit Bob-less, but circus-full. Andrea Martin literally swings with a lusty, mustachioed, trapezed hunk, for her upside-down "No Time At All" number; I'm sure Irene Ryan (the original "Granny") didn't have to. But Energy. But Dance. But Good Stuff.

So tune in for The Good, The Better, and The Best on Sunday (and frankly, if I could find songs with Ugly in the title, I'd do The Good, The Bad, and The...., in a minute!!!). Fun and Games, with your wacky Broadway "Radio Gal".

Just pass the gravy, will ya?

Magic To Do (Patina Miller, Company, Pippin)
Good Morning (Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Singin' In
      The Rain)
It's Good To Be Alive (Gwen Verdon, New Girl In Town)
You Never Say Good Luck On Opening Night (Mathew Broderick,
      Ensemble, The Producers)
It's Good To Be Back Home (Carol Burnett, Fade Out Fade In)
On The Good Ship Lollipop (Shirley Temple, Bright Eyes)
Fie On Goodness (Ensemble, Camelot)
Doing Good (Bob Holiday, It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Superman)
Being Good (Leslie Uggams, Hallelujah, Baby!)
Be Good Or Be Gone (Cass Morgan, Pump Boys And Dinettes)
Good Thing Going (Vanessa Williams, Merrily We Roll Along)
Something Good (Elaine Stritch, The Sound Of Music)
Goodnight My Someone (Barbara Cook, The Music Man)
Too Good To Be Bad (Bernadette Peters, Carol Woods, The Goodbye Girl)
Life Could Not Better Be (Danny Kaye, The Court Jester)
You Better Love Me (Tammy Grimes, High Spirits)
Is There Anything Better Than Dancing? (Barry Bostwick, Joanna Gleason,
      Nick & Nora)
Corner Of The Sky (Mathew James Thomas, Pippin)
On The Right Track (Patina Miller, Mathew James Thomas, Pippin)
No Time At All (Andrea Martin, Pippin)
Rich Is Better/Just For The Moment (Marilyn Mason, How Now, Dow Jones)
Better With A Man (Jefferson Mayes, Bryce Pinkham, A Gentleman's Guide
      To Love And Murder)
Isn't This Better?(Karen Mason, Brenda Pressley, Bob Cuccioli, And
      The World Goes 'Round)
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (Carol Channing, Gentlemen Prefer
My Best Girl (Frankie Michaels, Angela Lansbury, Mame)
The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing (Danny Kaye, White
The Best Man (Debra Monk, Pump Boys And Dinettes)
The Country's In The Very Best Of Hands (Peter Palmer, Stubby Kaye,
      L'il Abner)
The Best Of Times (George Hearn, Company, La Cage Aux Folles)
Goodnight, My Love (Shirley Temple, Stowaway)

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