Thursday, February 2, 2017

Large Hearts! Big Egos! Warm Coats!

 Carl (Alfalfa) Switzer
and the Our Gang gang...
we'll hear George (Spanky) McFarland, Darla Hood,
and Carl render 
"Let Me Call You Sweetheart"
from the "Hearts is Thumps" episode,
in which Spanky puts soap in Alfalfa's sandwich,
for being disloyal to their Women Haters club.
Those were the days!
(This above pic is NOT from that episode.)

 From Waitress,
we'll hear "I Love You Like A Table"
with Christopher Fitzgerald and Kimiko Glenn.
Waitress made history on Broadway when it opened in 2016,
with the four top creative spots in a show being filled by women.
Time Out New York called the show
 "an excellent ratio of sweet to tart."

 We'll hear Nathan in Sherry!
which was based on The Man Who Came To Dinner.
What a history...first produced back in 1967,
with Clive Revill (Oliver's Fagin), Elizabeth Allen (Do I Hear A Waltz?), 
Jon Cypher (Cinderella), and Dolores Gray.
Major flop:  72 performances.
Then LOST! Lost for 30 years.
They found it in a trunk in New Jersey??
To celebrate, a studio recording done in 2003,
with Nathan, Carol, Bernadette, and 2 Toms
(Tune and Wopat)...
We'll hear the only song I can tolerate: 
Why Does The Whole Damn World Adore Me?

 Mary Martin
got to introduce "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" 
in Cole Porter's Leave It To Me!
Mary played Dolly, a poor girl stranded in Siberia,
with only a fur coat to her name!
She did a "strip tease" to the song.
I'm scandalized. :)

 Fanny Brice will serenade us with 
"I'd Rather Be Blue Over You"
which was from the 1928 "part-talkie", My Man.
Of course if you google this song,
all you get is Barbra Streisand and Funny Girl,
incorporated as it was into that musical AND movie.
But first it was Fanny's...and her first feature film debut,
at the age of 37.

 Love this shot of Ray Bolger and Elaine Stritch...
we'll hear Ray and "I'm Fascinating"
from All American.
Elaine will have to wait til next week. 

You actually CAN fit a lot of people in a trailer!
Mary Astor, Scotty Beckett, 
Freddie Bartholomew, and Judy Pinky Wingate,
in a promo shot for Listen, Darling.
We'll hear "Zing!"
Judy was 16 years old.

Love this Peggy Lee album from 1960.
(This cover won the Grammy for Best Cover that year, btw.)
Best rendition of "Heart" I know!

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