Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Playlist for Sunday, February 5, 2017: Not Tonight, Darling

As I sat down to write this blog, I wondered what tack to take, what perspective to bring to this chosen list of possibly disparate Broadway tunes? Were they linked deliberately (does Kim actually follow some deep, sometimes subconscious, profound thought process whereby Gwen Verdon morphs subtly but inevitably into Sutton Foster?) or were these songs tossed willy-nilly into an un-ordered order, smacking of a cavalier/slap-and-dash/shoddy/dare we say unprofessional nonchalance? Well, if you think I'm going to answer that question, you gots another thing comin', bub.

But anyway. What we have here is, for the most part, Valentine's Day Overflow. I was shuffling...I mean, carefully adding songs to the up and coming VD show, and I was met by an overabundance of love songs. Broadway's like that; it would seem that every 3rd song in a musical is about love (how you want it, can't get it, louse it up, lose it, never want to experience it again). So what to do with the extra 17,000 songs?!?  Shove 'em in...I mean, carefully place them in this week's show! Voila!  A chance to "get in the mood" a week or so early. Plenty of time to get over a figurative "headache."

What the world needs now....Love, Sweet Love. :)

Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life/Falling In Love With Someone (Marc Kudisch,
     Angela Christian, Thoroughly Modern Millie)
I Love You Like A Table (Christopher Fitzgerald, Kimiko Glenn, Waitress)
Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You (Ida Sue McCune, Billy May, The
     Hit Parade)
Loads Of Love (Diahann Carroll, No Strings)
I'd Rather Be Blue Over You (Fanny Brice, My Man)
Roll Your Socks Up (Ensemble, New Girl In Town)
Yer My Friend, Ain't Cha? (Thelma Ritter, Cameron Prud'homme,
     New Girl In Town)
Flings (Lulu Bates, Thelma Ritter, Mara Landy, New Girl In Town)
You're Awful (Frank Sinatra, Betty Garrett, On The Town)
When Love Arrives (Steven Pacey, Diana Morrison, Judy Blazer, George
     Irving, By Jeeves)
Outside Of That, I Love You (Judy Blazer, George Irving, Louisiana Purchase)
Heart And Soul (Jason Graae, Ensemble, Forever Plaid)
Valse Milieu (Clive Revill, Irma La Douce)
The Wreck Of A Mec (Keith Michell, Irma La Douce)
Grand Imperial Cirque De Paris (Pierre Olaf, Ensemble, Carnival)
Humming (Kaye Ballard, Henry Lascoe, Carnival)
Come Raise Your Cup (Ensemble, Ernest In Love)
It's So Simple (Fritz Weaver, Peter Sallis, Ensemble, Baker Street)
You Can't Make Love (Christina Gillespie, Alan Shayne, Ernest In Love)
Muffin Song (John Irving, Louis Edmonds, Ernest In Love)
Leave It To Us, Guv (Fritz Weaver, Ensemble, Baker Street)
Why Does The Whole World Damn World Adore Me? (Nathan Lane, Sherry!)
I'm Fascinating (Ray Bolger, All-American)
C'est Moi (Robert Goulet, Camelot)
Champagne (Lin-Manuel Miranda, In The Heights)
Born In Puerto Rico (Paul Simon, The Cape Man)
Finale (Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ensemble, In The Heights)
Listen To Your Heart (Sutton Foster, Young Frankenstein)
My Heart Belongs To Daddy (Mary Martin, Leave It To Me)
Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart (Judy Garland, Listen, Darling)
Heart (Peggy Lee, Latin A La Lee)
Let Me Call You Sweetheart  (Carl Switzer, Darla Jean Hood, Our Gang)

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