Friday, January 6, 2017

Hello, Songbirds: Judy, Elaine, and Doris

 Couldn't resist a couple wonderful shots of 
Judy Garland
from the movie "I Could Go On Singing"
made in 1963.
The script was panned, even tho co-star Dirk Bogarde
rewrote most of Judy's lines (with her consent). 
It was Judy's final film role.

 At a premier with Dirk,
and below the tweaked poster,
giving a (tiny) nod to the original title in the caption:
"The Lonely Stage".
On Sunday, we'll hear "Hello, Bluebird".

 Elaine Stritch, as Cruise Director Mimi Paragon,
being scrutinized by a young Grover Dale
(who would turn out to be a wonderful choreographer, btw,
and coincidentally appeared in the movie version
of The Unsinkable Molly Brown and The Young Girls of Rochefort)
in Noel Coward's Sail Away.

 The NY Times called it "bland",
but who could resist Elaine's numbers:
"Why Do The Wrong People Travel?"
and "Useless Useful Phrases"
(see the Berlitz cheater below?)
We'll hear my favorite: "Later Than Spring".

 Doris Day, the ever lovely!
We'll hear her rendition of 
"Hello, Lover, Goodbye"
written by John Green and Edward Heyman
waaaaaay back in 1931.
Below, DD with Frank and a large instrument
in a supporting role.

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