Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Celebrating Debbie...

 Debbie was born Mary Frances Reynolds, 
above with her mom, Maxene "Minnie" Harmon,
Carrie (left), and Todd (center/right).
She was born in El Paso, on April 1st, 1932.
The family was very poor,
but things began to turn around when they moved to Burbank, CA.
Debbie won the Miss Burbank title in 1948,
and was promptly signed to Warner Brothers.
The movie Three Little Words put her on the map...
 Debbie played Helen Kane (that Boop Boop a Doop girl)
and won a Golden Globe nomination for
 Most Promising Newcomer.
Another biggie (above) with Carlton Carpenter...
Abba Dabba Honeymoon, from Two Weeks With Love.
Her break out role came in 1955,
Singin' In The Rain (below).

 On top,
a number with Gower Champion, in Give A Girl A Break (1953)
and just above...Tony Martin, Ann Miller, 
Vic Damone, Jane Powell, Russ Tamblyn and Debbie
in Hit The Deck (1955).

 Debbie married Eddie Fisher in 1955
(her first marriage),
and gave birth to Carrie in 1956, and Todd in 1958.
She was married to Eddie for 4 years,
and then it all blew up, for Liz! 

 1964, and The Unsinkable Molly Brown,
in which she co-starred with  
Harve Presnell (below).
Debbie was nominated for an Academy Award for her work,
although the director (Charles Walters)
initially thought her all wrong for the role,
(he wanted Shirley McClaine). 
Well, he was proved wrong and later admitted that 
Debbie was Molly incarnate!

 In 1973, Debbie took on a Broadway show, Irene
(one of 2 that she actually DID on Broadway, 
the other: replacement for Lauren Bacall in Woman of the Year!)
Seated at her feet is 17 yr. old Carrie.
 Below, Debbie with co-star Monte Markham.

 Opening night of Irene,
with Carrie and Todd.

Debbie...1932 - 2016
Carrie...1956 - 2016

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