Friday, February 10, 2017

You're not're just in love!

 The Merm and a glassified Donald O'Connor
in Call Me Madam, 1950...
but above is from the 1953 movie,
with Donald replacing Russell Nype.
The song "You're Just In Love" went in at the last minute,
when Dame Ethel said "we need to put something in there!"
Her "reflexes" were right;
"You're Just In Love" stopped the show every night.

 From Arms And The Girl, 1950
(same year as Call Me Madam),
we'll hear Pearl Bailey, who made her Broadway debut
in this show (albeit playing a slave).
Best part of all,
Pearl evidently stole the show with 2 numbers:
 "Nothin' Is Nothin'",
and "There Must Be Something Better Than Love."
Nanette Fabray and George Guetary starred,
but nobody noticed them.

Don Ameche (Mr. Alexander Graham Bell?)
and Elaine Stritch in the recording studio,
creating Goldilocks's cast album.
The show lasted 4 months back in 1955,
with a cast of 42...Margaret Hamilton and Nathaniel Frey
in supporting roles.
We'll hear 2 from this bagel 
(well, maybe we should call it a bagel WITH a schmear?)
"No Could Ever Love You"
"I Can't Be In Love".

Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby's
Horse Feathers contribution,
sung in turn by 3 of the 4 Marx Brothers
(unless Harpo plucked it out on the harp...
my mind is hazy on that point).
That's Groucho on the ukulele at the top,
with Thelma Todd and Duck.
Rudy Vallee as J.B. Bigley (ahhhh...maybe THAT'S where it came from!)
in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.
(Note club covers...Kukla, Fran and Ollie, minus Fran?) 
And below, his "Valentine", Hedy La Rue, played by 
Virginia Martin.
We'll hear "Love From A Heart Of Gold."
Note crazy scenery...a water fountain drawn on?

"Freddy My Love"
from Grease, though I'm not exactly sure if the above photo
is from the original production...
if so, we're looking at 
Katie Hanley soloing,
and Marya Small, Garn Stephens and Adrienne Barbeau(?)
as back up singers. 
You tell me. :)

John Schimmel, Cass Morgan, Jim Wann,
Debra Monk, John Foley, and Mark Hardwick:
the original Pump Boys and Dinettes.
We'll hear Cass's rendition of "Be Good Or Be Gone",
written by Jim Wann.
(Cass Morgan trivia:  Rochester, NY native,
also subsequently performed in Bridges of Madison County,
Memphis, Beauty and the Beast, Annie,
Cabaret...still active in theatre!)

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