Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Playlist For Sunday, February 26, 2017: Back, General Tso! Back, I Say!

For the next 1.5 weeks, I am going be to Busy. Catch the capital usage, buster. And that means I am tossing this Broadway salad with bold strokes, aggressive dressing, and nothing MINCED. Don't like garlic? Too bad. Garlic likes you, so suck it up and deal. Musicals should be gnawed, not caressed, so here's a Wild Bunch that want and deserve the munching.

Gee, I wish I could talk like that all the time. Sorry. I don't know what got into me. One minute I'm Shirley Temple in her "Old Straw Hat", the next my inner "He Had It Comin'" self is bitching, beware-ing and tango-ing on somebody's heart. Must be the gypsy in me. Too damn saucy for my own good.

Two sides of the Broadway coin (and the inside of my head) then; Bittersweet Lotte, Goofy Brian, Melvyn Douglas and Shirley Booth (whatta couple!) "at each other", Four Jews In A Room Bitching, plus tangos, mambos, beguines, castanets (and whips and chains, but there I go AGAIN!). Truth to tell, A LOT of my favorites. The sweet and the piquant.

Why do I want Chinese?

A Musical (Brian d'Arcy James, Brad Oscar, Something Rotten!)
Anything Goes (Sutton Foster, Anything Goes)
Buddie, Beware (Jessica Stone, Anything Goes)
Friendship (Joel Grey, Sutton Foster, Anything Goes)
Four Jews In A Room Bitching (Christian Borle, Andrew Rannells,
      Brandon Uranowitz, Anthony Rosenthal, Falsettos)
Miracle Of Judaism (Anthony Rosenthal, Falsettos)
The Baseball Game (Ensemble, Falsettos)
What More Can I Say (Christian Borle, Andrew Rannells, Falsettos)
Cell Block Tango (Catherine Zeta Jones, The Cell Block Girls, Chicago)
Dance At The Gym (Instrumental, West Side Story)
Do We? (Gil Lamb, Lucie Lancaster, 70, Girls, 70)
Married (Lotte Lenya, Jack Gilford, Cabaret)
An Old-Fashioned Wedding (Ethel Merman, Ray Middleton, Annie Get Your
An Old Straw Hat (Shirley Temple, Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm)
I'm Old Fashioned (Fred Astaire, You Were Never Lovelier)
Old Sayin's (Melvyn Douglas, Shirley Booth, Juno)
I Can Live With That (Jordan Leeds, Melissa Weill, I Love You, You're Perfect,
      Now Change)
Barber's Song/Golden Helmet of Mambrino (Gino Conforti, Richard Kiley,
      Irving Jacobson, Man Of La Mancha)
What Do You Want Of Me? (Joan Diener, Man Of La Mancha)
Dulcinea/The Impossible Dream (Joan Diener, Richard Kiley,  Irving Jacobson,
      Man Of La Mancha)
The Gypsy In Me (Adam Godley, Anything Goes)
Carnival Tango (Instrumental, The Boy Friend)
Hook's Tango (Cyril Ritchard, Peter Pan)
Temptation (Instrumental, Singin' In The Rain)
Boston Beguine (Alice Ghostley, New Faces Of 1952)
Tango De Amor (Instrumental, The Addams Family)
The Masochism Tango (Tom Lehrer, The Remains Of Tom Lehrer)
Hard To Be The Bard (Christian Borle, Something Rotten!)
Something Rotten/Make An Omelette (Bryan d'Arcy James, Company,
      Something Rotten!)

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