Friday, February 17, 2017

Sunday Dames!

 Judy, Judy, Judy...all dressed up and no place to sing!
"They" cut Mr. Monotony from Easter Parade
due to the scandalous (no pants) costume.
A couple of years later, Irving Berlin (the song's perpetrator)
added it to Miss Liberty, but again it was given the heave ho.
Then he tried integrating it into Call Me Madam...
well, The Merm hated it.
So it's one of those songs that never found a home.
The outfit, however did: On Judy. In Summer Stock. Two Years Later.

 Eartha, no doubt relaxing at home.
For her solo, "Monotonous", in New Faces of 1952,
she requested 6 chaise longues.
She got 2.
Horrid treatment, simply horrid. 

 Julie in her My Fair Lady finest.
I was going to post a guttersnipe portrait
in honor of "Wouldn't It Be Loverly?",
but this slays me. :)

Early Merm.
Pre Gypsy, pre Mad World, pre Airplane.
Gorgeous...and never took a lesson!

 Even though we'll hear only a wee bit of Jean this Sunday,
whatta presence! Whatta look!
We'll see more of Jean in the next blog,
but meanwhile here she is, shooting daggars at Gene
in Singin' In The Rain.

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