Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sunday Salad....Munchy, Crunchy, and Smothered with Something...Anything!!

 First time on 2 On The Aisle,
a "married" version of 2 earlier versions from
the late 80s/early  90s,
March Of The Falsettos and Falsetto Land.
Above, Jewish boys play baseball!

 The 2016 revival starred Christian Borle,
standing at the head of the bed above
(prior to this role, he starred as Shakespeare, in
Something Rotten!, at center below)...and
Andrew Rannells (of The Book Of Mormon)
starred as Whizzer, in the bed above.
 "It's Hard To Be The Bard"
a Queen parody,
and below, Brian d'Arcy James and
most of the company in the finale of Something Rotten!:
"Make An Omelet"
(note omelets).

 From Chicago (the movie version)
we'll hear "Cell Block Tango",
with Catherine Zeta-Jones (below).
Above, same number with the London Company a'stage.

 And then the 2011 revival of 
Anything Goes,
with Sutton Foster above center,
and below with Moon Face Martin
(aka Joel Grey), in "Friendship".

 We'll also hear
"Buddy, Beware" with Jennifer Stone
(at the curtain call with Colin Donnell and Sutton)
and "The Gypsy In Me"
with Adam Godley.
(I know how he feels!)

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