Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Playlist for Sunday, September 18, 2016: Fall. Harrumph.

I don't know why I like Fall so much. Why do I romanticize it? Crisp air, big deal. With it, comes all the projects (Work) I've been avoiding all Summer. Summer gives you excuses (heat, parades, margaritas, biking, more margaritas). Fall tells you to put on your big girl pants (pants? no more capris?) and get busy with serious crap (Work). Okay, there's pumpkin lattes and a reason to turn on your oven and a new pencil case (really, Kim? passed age 9 yet?), but then there's this damn thing eating up my time, energy, and thought process called Work. And I spend too much money to fuggedaboutit yet. Me on a budget? How about Me on a Skateboard?...pretty much ridiculous.

Thank the theatre gods for people like Bryan d'Arcy James and Emma Thompson and Elaine and Joanna Gleason and ...well, you get the idea. For a brief shining moment each week, I can put aside Work and work with these stunners. Broadway tunes can help compartmentalize (is that a word) the Work in a nice little turquoise box with a white bow (Fortnum and Mason's? that's a nice place to put Work), so we don't think about it. Sort of like Summer. We'll do that neatly with a little Mary Sunshine, and a little Murder for Two, and a little Shrek (well...maybe not Shrek!), and tidily put aside the chores, the financial responsibilities, the crap, the Work. Yay, Broadway!

And screw the pumpkin lattes. I'm still drinkin' Margaritas. 

Something Rotten/Make An Omelette (Bryan d'Arcy James, Company,
        Something Rotten!)
Something To Dance About (Tyne Daly, Ensemble, Call Me Madam)
Gotta Dance (Gene Kelly, Ensemble, Singin' In The Rain)
I Could Have Danced All Night (Julie Andrews, Ensemble, My Fair Lady)
Little Mary Sunshine (Eileen Brennan, Ensemble, Little Mary Sunshine)
In Izzenschnooken On The Lovely Essenzook Zee (Elizabeth Parrish,
        Little Mary Sunshine)
The Forest Rangers (William Graham, Ensemble, Little Mary Sunshine)
We Dance (Ensemble, Once On This Island)
Is There Anything Better Than Dancing? (Joanna Gleason, Barry
        Bostwick, Nick & Nora)
Ten Cents A Dance (Doris Day, Love Me Or Leave Me)
I'm Just A Song And Dance Man (Mickey Rooney, Sugar Babies)
When Words Fail (Bryan d'Arcy James, Shrek)
I Cannot Hear The City (Bryan d'Arcy James, The Sweet Smell Of Success)
Bottom's Gonna Be On Top (Bryan d'Arcy James, Something Rotten!)
It Amazes Me (Elaine Stritch)
Last Night When We Were Young (Judy Garland, Judy Garland In Hollywood)
Still Hurting (Sherie Rene Scott, The Last Five Years)
Alone Together (Judy Garland, Judy At Carnegie Hall)
The Woman's Dead (Debra Monk, Edward Hibbert, David Hyde Pierce,  
        Ensemble, Curtains)
Poison In My Pocket (Bryce Pinkham, Lauren Worsham, Jefferson Mays,
        A Gentleman's Guide To Love And Murder)
The Man Is Dead (Ensemble, Curtains)
Waiting In The Dark (Jeff Blumenkrantz, Murder For Two)
Murder He Said (Betty Hutton)
C'est Magnifique (Lilo, Peter Cookson, Can-Can)
Once You Lose Your Heart (Emma Thompson, Me And My Girl)
What Chance Have I For Love? (George S. Irving, Louisiana Purchase)
Falling In Love Again (Marlene Dietrich, The Blue Angel)
You Made Me Love You (Patsy Kelley, George S. Irving, Irene)
Always A Bridesmaid (Melissa Weil, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change)

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