Thursday, September 15, 2016

From soup to nuts, or in this case, Eggs, Mounties, Montys, and Madams!

 A song called 
"Make An Omelette"
requires egg costumes...I believe when I saw it
I saw bacon as well.
From Something Rotten!, it'll open our show this Sunday.

 "Bottom's Gonna Be On Top"
(another "Rotten" selection)
with Bryan d'Arcy James and Christian Borle
in a tap-dancing duel.
Both of these actors have left the production at this point;
glad I gotta chance to see the real thing!

 1959's off Broadway production of 
Little Mary Sunshine,
with Eileen Brennan a'swing as Mary.
Below, Elizabeth Parrish and the Forest Rangers
singing "In Izzenschnooken On The Lovely Essenzook Zee"
(listen in on Sunday and see how I pronounce THAT ONE!).

 Ethel Merman
and some overshadowed actors
in the original production of 
Call Me Madam.
Note Alp-ish scenery representing fictional Lichtenburg
(like Fredonia, without the Brothers Marx).
The concert version got to forego that part...
below, Tyne Daly playing Ambassador Sally Adams.

One of my favorites, "Poison In My Pocket",  from
A Gentleman's Guide To Love And Murder,
a show that closed before I could get my hands on it. 
Lauren Worsham, Bryce Pinkham (with saw)
and Jefferson Mays.
Below, Bryce and Jefferson recording the cast album. 

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