Saturday, July 2, 2016

Serious stuff, that Broadway.

 Nicky and Rod sing "I You Were Gay,"
from Avenue Q.
 Real life actors, puppets, monsters, talking animals
and Best Musical of 2004.

 "I Am Aldolpho"
Danny Burstein and Beth Leavel
in The Drowsy Chaperone,
a parody of the musicals of the 1920s,
which began life at the Toronto Fringe Festival of 1998.
I need an Aldolpho.

 In The End Of Time
(akaThe Legend of the Rent),
from School Of Rock...
Alex Brightman as Dewey Finn.
Andrew Lloyd Webber and Glen Slater did the music,
but "End" was original to the movie.
Someone please tell me Jack Black wrote it!!!

 Jeff McCarthy as Officer Lockstock (sans Officer Barrel) in
another parody musical, this one from 2001.
Writer Greg Kotis got the idea for the show from the "pay-per-use"
toilets of Europe that he encountered during his student travels.
We'll hear "Cop Song."

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