Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Little Cabaret Cool...

 The Calloway gals...Ann and Liz.
One smoky, one OH SO Broadway,
together smashing! 
We'll hear "The Sweetest Sounds/I Can See It"
and "Our Time"
from their Sibling Revelry album.

 "Do What You Do", Bobby...
Mr. Short (but long on talent. Sorry. Had to.)
renders a Gershwin Goodie.

 Nancy Walker (with a help from David Craig)
sings another Gershwin tune,
"I Don't Think I'll Fall In Love Today."

 Leslie Odom, Jr...
can sing AND look like a GQ ad at the same time!
"The Party's Over"

And John Barrowman,
looking a little too rapt and sensitive,
but we still love him...
"Live Alone And Like It."

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