Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Playlist for Sunday, July 24, 2016: Back on the street where I LIVE!

 Back from London, where I visited the queen. Note lower case. A bloody good (if quick/condensed/HOT) time, guv'ner. I would break into Cockney, but I'm lousy at it. My share of Pimm's pitchers, fish and chips, black pudding, and Earl Grey were consumed, souvenirs acquired, tubes taken, and British heat wave sweated thru. A fantastic show, as well...The Play That Goes Wrong (a must see). But it's back to live Broadway At Its Best this week, heavy on the English musicals, as the UK lingers in my blood stream and frontal cortex.

We also have to try out Waitress! It was up for a Best Musical Tony this spring, when it went toe-to-white bucks-toe to Hamilton (we know what happened there), but despite that disappointment, it has some nifty (if poppy) songs for us to sample. Also I have another new-to-2 On the Aisle CD, Sibling Revelry, which is a duet/solo mash up of the Calloway Sisters (Ann Hampton and Liz)...along with their standards and quirky cabaret, they invade the Broadway genre, quite nicely. Quite. Hmmm...back to South Kensington, I see.

Anyway, lots to have fun with. Have a cuppa on Sunday with me, or between  scones and breakfast martinis (yes, this is a real thing!!!), we'll do brilliant Broadway. :)

 What's Inside (Jessie Mueller, Waitress)
Opening Up (Jessie Mueller, Keala Settle, Kimiko Glenn, Ensemble, Waitress)
Food, Glorious Food (Ensemble, Oliver!)
Who Will Buy? (Bruce Prochnik, Ensemble, Oliver!)
Consider Yourself (Michael Goodman, Ensemble, Oliver!)
On The Street Where You Live (John Michael King, My Fair Lady)
Just You Wait (Julie Andrews, My Fair Lady)
I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face (Rex Harrison, My Fair Lady)
Naughty (Adrianna Bertola, Ensemble, Matilda)
Loud (Josie Walker, Paul Kaye, Matilda)
The Sweetest Sound/I Can See It (Ann Hampton Calloway, Liz Calloway,
       Sibling Revelry)
Live Alone And Like It (John Barrowman, Song And Dance)
Do What You Do (Bobby Short, K-RA-ZY About Gershwin)
I Don't Think I'll Fall In Love Today (Nancy Walker, David Craig, Treasure Girl)
Our Time (Ann Hampton Calloway, Liz Calloway, Sibling Revelry)
It Only Takes A Taste (Drew Gehling, Jessie Mueller, Waitress)
When He Sees Me (Kimiko Glenn, Ensemble, Waitress)
She Used To Be Mine (Jessie Mueller, Waitress)
I Can See It (Jerry Orbach, Kenneth Nelson, The Fantasticks)
Much More (Rita Gardner, The Fantasticks)
They Were You (Kenneth Nelson, Rita Gardner, The Fantasticks)
Ice Cream (Barbara Cook, She Loves Me)
Goodnight My Someone (Barbara Cook, The Music Man)
Opening Doors (Jim Walton, Ann Morrison, Lonny Price, Jason Alexander,
       Sally Klein, Merrily We Roll Along)
Not A Day Goes By (Jim Walton, Ann Morrison, Merrily We Roll Along)
Our Time (Company, Merrily We Roll Along)
The Party's Over (Leslie Odom, Jr.)
The Party's Over (Judy Holliday, Bells Are Ringing)
The Party's Over (Elaine Stritch, Elaine Stritch At Liberty)

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