Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sunday HUNKS

 Born in NYC, raised in Philly...
Leslie Odom, Jr. had his Broadway debut 
at the age of 17, as Paul in Rent.
Since then, roles in Smash, CSI: Miami, Grey's Anatomy,
Law & Order, etc.,
and finally (at the age of 34) 
a Tony-winning performance in Hamilton.
We'll hear from his solo album, released in 2014.

 Aaron Burr (Odom, Jr.) and Alexander Hamilton (Lin-Manuel Miranda)
take the R.
Photo Cred: Cosmopolitan

 John Barrowman was born in Glasgow in 1967,
but by '75 he and his family had settled in Joliet, Illinois,
where he learned to soften his Scottish accent.
His first big role was as Billy Crocker in Cole Porter's Anything Goes,
in the West End.
After that, watch the list of theatrical and television roles grow!
John has also written 2 memoirs,
and is an active spokesman for the LGBT community in the UK.

 Above as Captain Jack in Dr. Who, 
and below...well, whatever it's for, he looks mahvelous! :)

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