Thursday, June 23, 2016

Emma. I want to be Emma.

 Young Emma Thompson, on the lower right,
with her actress mom, Phyllida Law
and sister Sophie.
 Her father, Eric Thompson (actor and producer) died in 1982,
when Emma was 23.

 As a member of the Cambridge Footlights Club.
How'd you like THESE folks as acting buddies?
Top left, Robbie Coltrane (who would later play Harry Potter's Hagrid),
Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie,
and in the 2nd row, Siobhan Redmond, Ben Elton, and Emma,
who was the club's first female member.

 First film,
"The Tall Guy" with Jeff Goldblum in 1989.
Box office failure, with Rowan Atkinson...
but Emma's reviews were respectable.
 Emma's first husband, top, Kenneth Branagh 
(they appeared together in Much Ado About Nothing
and several other projects),
and with Hugh Grant in Sense and Sensibility,
where she met Greg Wise, who eventually became Husband No. 2.

 Above in the 1985 production of Me And My Girl,
with Robert Lindsay.
Her old pal, Stephen Fry, had revamped this 1937 musical
and it was an instant hit, both in the West End and on Broadway.
Emma starred as Sally in the London production
for 15 months,
but bowed out of the Broadway one, saying that if she had to do  the Lambeth Walk "one more time, I'd throw up."  :)

 In 2015, Emma joined Bryn Terfel in 
a semi-staged (by Lonny Price btw)
performance of Sweeney Todd,
which by the sound of it, was a chaotic, wonderful mess!

 Another recent appearance:
as Professor Trelawny in the Harry Potter series.
Emma said that she did the movie (in 2004)
to impress her daughter, Gaia.
“I have a nervous breakdown in the film and in one scene I get to stand at the top of the stairs waving an empty sherry bottle which is, of course, a typical scene from my daily life, so it wasn't much of a stretch.”

With her family,
Greg Wise, Tindyebwa and Gaia.

Only we have a lot more Emma to enjoy!

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