Saturday, June 25, 2016

Shoulds, Strings, Ukeleles, and SUPERMAN!!!

It Shoulda Been You...
 from left, Chip Zien, Tyne Daly, Harriet Harris and Michael X. Martin.
Upper East Side meets Upper West Side,
so a mixed marriage indeed!
Not a long run but some fun songs,
by Barbara Anselmi and Brian Hargrove.

George Murphy and Shirley Temple (10 years old at the time)
in Little Miss Broadway...
cavorting to "We Should Be Together"...
Murphy didn't like the dance, and insisted it be reworked.
Shirley thought so, too (despite grumblings from Mom).
The dance proved popular,
and George and Shirley did an encore for the crew. 

Diahann Carroll in front of the marquis
for Richard Rodgers' No Strings,
in which she starred with Richard Kiley in 1962.
Socially progressive casting in its day,
and a Tony for Ms. Carroll!

Vaudeville and recording star, Cliff Edwards,
aka Ukelele Ike.
Cliff had a Number One hit with "Singin' In The Rain" in 1929,
and along with a respectable history appearing on the Vaudeville circuit,
he starred on Broadway opposite Fred and Adele Astaire in
Lady By Good (1924).  
Cliff also voiced the part of Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio...
he tried out for the part of Pinochio, but Walt D. wanted a real kid.
Dickie Jones got the nod.

Edward Everett Horton (always befuddled)
and Fred (if befuddled, always charming)
in Top Hat, from 1935...we'll hear No Strings (I'm Fancy Free!),
by Irving Berlin.

And a couple of goodies from
It's A Bird...It's A Plane...It's Superman.
The above are cut outs placed on the back of the 
playbill for the show.
So I guess if the thing got boring enough,
you could take out your nail scissors, chop away at intermission and
make your OWN show with these "life-like" figures!
Below, some of the stars:
Particia Marand, Jack Cassidy (villian-esque), 
Michael O'Sullivan, Bob Holiday (the S man himself),
Linda Lavin and Don Chastain.

Guess they figured out all that flying technology
with Peter Pan.

The Al Hirschfeld illustration for the Times...
Music, Charles Strouse (who just a few years later
would embark on another Sunday Comic musical: Annie)
Lyrics, Lee Adams.
Decent reviews, a Tony for Jack, but otherwise, it tanked.

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