Thursday, April 7, 2016

Why not Ebb and Kander?

Kander and Ebb's Zorba
opened in 1968, with Hershel Bernardi and Maria Karnilova,
(tho the above pic shows the 1970 touring company with John Raitt)...
It lost the Tony to 1776,
but has had many revivals.
We'll hear the one from 1983, which featured Anthony Quinn,
Lila Kedrova and Debbie Shapiro (now Gravitte!)
 Woman Of The Year, 1981.
Star Lauren Bacall won one of the four Tonys
the show was nominated for...
and Best Score went to Kander and Ebb.
Above, Lauren in rehearsal with cast members
and choreographer Tony Charmoli.

 Not a lot of great photos of 70, Girls, 70!
done by the team in 1971.
Only 35 performances, but a great cast:
Mildred Natwick, Hans Conreid, Lillian Hayman, Gil Lamb.

 In 1965, Kander and Ebb created their first musical together,
 featuring 19 year old Liza Minelli 
(on right, with Bob Dishy, her co-star, center,
and at left, choreographer Lee Theodore)
in Flora The Red Menace.
Only 87 performances, but hey, you have to start somewhere! 

 Another flop was The Happy Time (1968)
with Robert Goulet (center) and David Wayne (right).
A French Canadian setting, with Robert as a ne'er do well photographer,
who's come home to his irascible family.
Goulet and Gower Champion (who directed and choreographed)
garnered Tonys,
but the show is known more for the fact that it was the 
first musical to lose a million bucks,
than it is for its songs.

John Kander, at left, will turn 89 years old this year,
but unfortunately Fred Ebb passed away in 2004,
before completing their last musical together,

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