Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Playlist for Sunday, April 10, 2016: Still. Yet. Again.

So I waited for April 1st...remember I had a countdown?  90 plus days from Jan 1 to April 1 to get thru the gulag that is upstate New York, at whence (I love "whence") point I would toss my muffler, my galoshes, my overcoat (old cozy winter words from childhood), and my weather-hunched shoulders into a closet (in this old stone house, I have 2!!! My, the choices!) and break out the spring dresses (I have 2!! My, the choices!). Like that happened. Yesterday I shoveled. Today I wore wool. And tomorrow...well, let's just say the hot water bottle is still at the foot of my bed. Someone very intelligent once called April the cruelest month, and he/she/(insert gender-neutral pronoun here) was spot on.

So this kind of cruelty demands life-affirming Broadway, like "Life Is" from Zorba. Like "I Was Here" from The Glorious Ones. Like "Don't Rain/Snow/Hail On My Parade" from Funny Babs. Some snarky Kander and Ebb, like "The Grass Is Always Greener" (what grass?$*&%@&#*$&), and a nostalgic "Walking Among My Yesterdays" when Bob Goulet was the stuff of A Chorus Line's chorus line's dream. I feel deeply connected to Jerry Orbach when he exorts Wanda Richert to leave "Allentown???" forever, and throw her tap shoes into the Broadway ring.  Get me outta this climate, Jerry...let me join Olive in a "Tiger Rag" and warm my toes on a real Hot Dog man.

Countdown extended to May.  :(

 Life Is (Debbie Gravitte, Ensemble, Zorba)
We're In The Money (Karen Prunczik, Wanda Richert, Ginny King,
          Ensemble, 42nd Street)
Young And Healthy (Lee Roy Reams, Wanda Richert, 42nd Street)
Lullaby Of Broadway (Jerry Orbach, Wanda Richert, Company, 42nd Street)
It Never Entered My Mind (Shirley Ross, Higher And Higher)
The Saga Of Jenny (Christine Ebersole)
What Has She Got (Faith Prince, Redhead)
After You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It (Marilyn Monroe, There's
          No Business Like Show Business)
Don't Rain On My Parade (Barbra Streisand, Funny Girl)
I Was Here (Marc Kudisch, The Glorious Ones)
When You're Right, You're Right (Lauren Bacall, Woman Of The Year)
I Am What I Am (George Hearn, La Cage Aux Folles)
I Ham What I Ham (Gerard Alessandrini, Forbidden Broadway Vol. 2)
Not Every Day Of The Week (Bob Dishy, Liza Minelli, Flora The Red Menace)
You've Let Yourself Go (Liza Minelli, Liza With A 'Z')
But The World Goes 'Round (Liza Minelli, New York, New York)
Welcome To The Theatre (Lauren Bacall, Applause)
There's No Business Like Show Business (Ensemble, Annie Get Your Gun)
You Gotta Have A Gimmick (Maria Karnilova, Ensemble, Gypsy)
We Can Do It (Nathan Lane, Mathew Broderick, The Producers)
It's A Business (Debra Monk, Ensemble, Curtains)
The Grass Is Always Greener (Karen Mason, Brenda Pressley, And The World
         Goes 'Round)
Coffee In A Cardboard Cup (Ensemble, 70 Girls 70)
Colored Lights (Karen Mason, And The World Goes 'Round)
(Walking) Among My Yesterdays (Robert Goulet, The Happy Time)
Tiger Rag (Company, Bullets Over Broadway)
Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle (Marin Mazzie, Zach Braff, Bullets Over
'Tain't A Fit Night Out For Man Or Beast (Ensemble, Bullets Over Broadway)
The Hot Dog Song (Helene Yorke, Jim Borstelmann, Bullets Over Broadway)

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