Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Playlist For Sunday, April 17, 2016: Tepid Joe, maybe?

A cup of cold coffee sits beside my computer, a banana peel draped on an empty CD case, my cat on my lap (legs at the pins and needles stage of falling asleep), and if I smoked, I'm sure there'd be an ash tray, mounded high with butts, balancing on my printer (or the cat). This doesn't sound romantic, like Raymond Chandler might write it, it just sounds ugly. Cuz Broadway, right?

I sit here piecing together the esoteric, the classic, the over-ripe of musicals every week, and realize daily: What do I know? Here in my upstate cocoon, far from the bright lights of NYC, I exist in a Broadway Time Warp. Despite trying to stay current/edgy/a la mode (and like actually pick up a Times or a Backstage and play what's ON BROADWAY), I end up rerunning the musicals of the past. All the singers in them are dead, all the composers commemorated (or roasted), all the choreographers now dancing in Hell...I am a planet away from what's happenin'. Like the cold coffee on my desk, I'm dealing with stuff from a good half hour ago.

I'm usually fine with that (on a sunny day, when it's around 72 degrees, and the birds are singing, there's a fat balance in my checking account, and I'm fitting into my jeans). I make up for my loss of currency with an historical attempt, a purist attitude (hey, that's EASY!), and snark. I'm hoping that's enough to make this thing work. If you want IN TOUCH, look over there. But I'll still be HERE, with my tepid Joe.

See ya in the funny papers.  :)

Twenty Million People (Evan Pappas, Company, My Favorite Year)
Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin' (Gordon MacRae, Oklahoma!)
All Er Nuthin' (Gene Nelson, Gloria Grahame, Oklahoma!)
People Will Say We're In Love (Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones, Oklahoma!)
The Farmer And The Cowman (Charlotte Greenwood, Company, Oklahoma!)
One Of The Boys (Lauren Bacall, Ensemble, Woman Of The Year)
So What Else Is New? (Harry Guardino, "Katz", Woman Of The Year)
It Isn't Working (Ensemble, Woman Of The Year)
Little Girls (Carol Burnett, Annie)
Call Me Savage (Carol Burnett, Fade Out-Fade In)
Shy (Carol Burnett, Ensemble, Once Upon A Mattress)
The Ladies Who Lunch (Carol Burnett, Putting It Together)
It's You (Bernadette Peters, David Christmas, Dames At Sea)
Wall Street (Tamara Long, Dames At Sea)
Raining In My Heart (Bernadette Peters, Dames At Sea)
Politics And Poker (Howard DaSilva, Ensemble, Fiorello!)
God Bless The Human Elbow (Robert Preston, Ensemble, Ben Franklin in
Fear (Jack Cassidy, Ensemble, Fade Out - Fade In)
Lament For Ten Men (Ensemble, Breakfast At Tiffany's)
Backstage Babble (Len Cariou, Ensemble, Applause)
One Of A Kind (Len Cariou, Lauren Bacall, Applause)
But Alive (Lauren Bacall, Ensemble, Applause)
The Trolley Song (Judy Garland, Meet Me In St. Louis)
Waitin' For The Evening Train (Mary Martin, Jennie)
Subway Directions (Sydney Chaplin, Ensemble, Subways Are For Sleeping)
In The Same Boat (David Hyde Pierce, Karen Ziemba, Ensemble, Curtains)
On The Highway Of Love (Robert Roznowski, Jennifer Simard, I Love You,
         You're Perfect, Now Change)
The King Kaiser Comedy Calvacade (Ensemble, My Favorite Year)
The Gospel According To King (Tom Mardirosian, Ensemble, My Favorite
Welcome To Brooklyn (Evan Pappas, Tim Curry, Lainie Kazan, Ensemble,
         My Favorite Year)
Professional Showbizness Comedy (Andrea Martin, Tom Mardirosian,
         My Favorite Year)

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