Saturday, April 16, 2016

Broadway Blender...Can You Say "Juxtapose"?

 Howard DaSilva played Republican "Machine Boss" Ben Marino
in Bock and Harnick's Fiorello!
(yes, the explanation point is part of the title.)
That's him in the center with the good hand and the cigar.
We'll hear "Politics & Poker."

Three goodies from Dames At Sea.
At the top, Bernadette Peters with David Christmas,
her "Sailor Of My Dreams".
In the middle, a ticket stub from an early (1969)production, 
one year after it opened, at the Bouwerie Lane Theatre...
Note ticket price: $5.95!  
At the bottom, the six member cast, 
a perfect parody of those 150 member Busby Berkeley extravaganzas! 

 Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Shirley Jones in her film debut (she was 21 years old)
with Gordon MacRae, in Oklahoma!
(okay, enough with the exclamatory titles!!!)
And below, Charlotte Greenwood
who played Aunt Eller
in "The Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends"
(easy for YOU to say!)


Two from My Favorite Year...
which flopped big time (making it near and dear to my heart).
At the top, the "Welcome To Brooklyn" number
with Tim Curry, as Alan Swann, and Lainie Kazan as 
the perfect Jewish Mother.
Below, Tom Mardirosian and Andrea Martin
dressed for their "Professional Showbizness Comedy" song.

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