Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mame's Moon and Matilda's...Mousse?

Bea Arthur as Vera Charles...
above in the movie version, with Lucille Ball doing the Mame honors...
and below on Broadway,
"The Man In the a Miss!"
That's Angela on the moon!

Al Hirschfeld's take on the "Moon" song,
with Bea, Angela, and a pregnant Jane Connell as Miss Gooch.

And for no other reason than I would have LOVED to see 
THIS version,
Elaine Stritch as Vera and Janet Blair as Mame...
musta been replacements after Angela and Bea flew the 
Broadway coop.

Bertie Carvel, born "Robert Hugh Carvel",
as the Trunchbull
in Tim Minchin's Matilda.
Hard to believe that's him below (standing)
as Dr. Strange
in "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell"
with Eddie Marsan.

 Showing a lot of leg,
with Lauren Ward as Miss Honey.

Upon successful cake consumption.

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