Thursday, March 3, 2016


 Kiss Me Kate and the 30 seconds that changed the dance world...
Hermes Pan let Bob "Hortensio" Fosse choreograph his own section 
of "From This Moment On" with Carol Haney.
Makes Bobby Van look like a 3rd Grader.
It was 1953, and Fosse was 26 yrs. old,
yet his style was already thoroughly baked.

 Speaking of which, there's Bobby Van getting his ear tweaked.
Tommy Rall, Ann Miller....and at right, Bob.
"Tom, Dick or Harry"

 He liked desert boots...

 but evidently NOT his hands...
hence the addition of gloves in several routines.

 And don't forget Lenny,
which Fosse directed, released in 1974.
In the midst of Cabaret filming, 
Dustin Hoffman visits the set.
What a triumvirate. 

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