Saturday, March 5, 2016

FOSSE FOSSE FOSSE (last ones, I swear!)

In no apparent order,
more of my homage to Bob...
above on the right, with VERY high waisted pants.

My favorite Cabaret number,
Mein Herr.

Fosse, checking camera angles with 
Hey Big Spender,
from Sweet Charity.

Roy Scheider as the main character in
All That Jazz...
modelled on Bob, of course...
for not being a dancer, he did a fantastic job with the role.

 Classic Fosse pose by Ann Reinking, Fosse's girlfriend,
playing "Fosse's girlfriend"
in All That Jazz, which was called by Variety
"a self-important, egomaniacal, wonderfully choreographed,
often compelling film.

Two photos from Dancin',
a 1978 revue...Fosse choreography to pop, rock,
classical, swing...anything but original score.
He said he didn't want the "midnight hour meetings"
with an artistic partner.
Fosse is in the center of the lower pic.

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