Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Playlist for Sunday, September 13, 2015: The Show Must Go On

Hell, it's fall.
School buses, new markers, a pleated wool skirt, and a pencil case.
AND I have to dig out my charm bracelet with all the math formula charms.
Yeah, I live on the school calendar. The new year starts in September, and ends mid June. Summer is something you get thru without pay.
Of course, as a self-employed teacher, there are no "weekends" (Maggie Smith was puzzled, and so am I).  If someone can't understand a word problem about train times in Albuquerque or cupcake recipes or zip code permutations ...well, Sunday a.m. can be as much about work as Wednesday afternoon. 
But ALL must steer clear of "SHOW TIME!"

So back at it:  Mame!, Snoopy!, Curtains!  Audra, Judy, Dee, and various amphibians. All these and more will be on hand to usher us into Autumn.  Also (by request), A Danny Kaye Extravaganza, which includes one from The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty film, done in 1947.  James Thurber evidently hated what the writers (and Producer Sam Goldwyn) did to his writing, tossing out most of his original story line and tailoring it to Danny's talents. Thurber thought the end result should have been called "The Public Life Of Danny Kaye." Despite the contention, a couple of great patter songs came out of the endeavor, thanks to Sylvia Fine, and we'll hear one of them on Sunday..."The Professor of Music." Also, my kids grew up with that song, and other DK classics, so it'll be a walk down memory lane.

Watch for photos thru the week, and I promise to sprinkle them (like sugar on cereal, like chorizo on eggs) with proper trivia. Thanks for waiting...for me to be BACK.

It's Today (Angela Lansbury, Ensemble, Mame)
The Woman's Dead (Debra Monk, Edward Hibbert, Ensemble, Curtains)
A Tough Act To Follow (David Hyde Pierce, Karen Jill Paice, Curtains)
Show People (David Hyde Pierce, Debra Monk, Ensemble, Curtains)
Remember? (Benjamin Rayson, Teri Ralston, Beth Fowler, Gene Varrone,
                    Barbara Lang, A Little Night Music)
The Glamorous Life (Audra McDonald, Go Back Home)
It Would Have Been Wonderful (Len Cariou, Laurence Guittard, A Little Night
No Man Left For Me (Dee Hoty, The Will Rodger's Follies)
Could I Leave You? (Dee Hoty, Follies)
The Tennis Song (Dee Hoty, James Naughton, City Of Angels)
Civilization (Danny Kaye, The Andrews Sisters, Angels In The Wings)
The Professor Of Music (Danny Kaye, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty)
No Two People (Danny Kaye, Jane Wyman, Hans Christian Andersen)
Ninety Again! (Danny Kaye, Two By Two)
Edgar Allan Poe (Cast, Snoopy! The Musical)
He'll Never Know (Mark Linn-Baker, Jay Goede, A Year With Frog And Toad)
The Great Writer (It Was A Dark And Stormy Night (David Garrison,
                     Snoopy! The Musical)
The House We Live In (Christine Ebersole, Ensemble, Grey Gardens)
Peas In A Pod (Christine Ebersole, Sara Gettelfinger, Grey Gardens)
Another Winter In A Summer Town (Christine Ebersole, Mary Louise Parker,
                     Grey Gardens)
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Cast, The 25th Annual
                     Putnam County Spelling Bee)
I'm Not That Smart (Jesse Tyler Ferguson, ...Spelling Bee)
Magic Foot (Dan Folger, ...Spelling Bee)
Drop That Name (Judy Holliday, Ensemble, Bells Are Ringing)
On My Own (Sydney Chaplin, Bells Are Ringing)
I'm Going Back (Judy Holliday, Bells Are Ringing)
Gooch's Song (Jane Connell, Mame)
Mame (Company, Mame)

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