Thursday, September 24, 2015

Guys and Viv

 Vivian Blaine was one of the few actors to participate in
both the stage and film versions of Guys And Dolls...
Stubby Kaye, B.S. Pully, and Johnny Silver
(gangsters all!) were the others.
Gene Kelly and Grace Kelly were Goldwyn's first choices
for the leads, 
and Marilyn Monroe wanted to play Adelaide.
Well, we got Brando, Jean (both of whom did their own singing),
Frank, and Viv.
Not too shabby!
 Take Back Your Mink...

 ...and Pet Me Poppa.
Frank Loesser created the character of Adelaide 
when he realized Viv would be miscast as Sister Sarah.
I'll say.

 Vivian with the prettiest medicine "chest" ever...
Adelaide's Lament.

The original Broadway production, 1950,
began with a book by Jo Swerling...
but the producers were unhappy with it,
so Frank Loesser suggested radio writer Abe Burrows
who captured Damon Runyon's language and characters
Above, Vivian in the "Bushel and a Peck" number,
which was jettisoned from the movie version.
(Note bushel...well, okay, it's a basket!)

And of course, those Hot Box "Dolls"...

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