Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mr. Newley... September 24, 1931.

inducted into the 
Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1989,
Anthony Newley was born in Hackney, England,
raised by his aunt and uncle,
and was one of the evacuated children sent to country homes
during the London Blitz, during WWII.
He hated school, and by the age of 14, was working as an 
office boy at an acting school.

 At age 15, Anthony was cast as 
The Artful Dodger in David Lean's Oliver Twist, 1948
(at left above, with John Howard Davies as Oliver).

With Cyril Ritchard in 
The Roar of The Greasepaint, The Smell Of The Crowd,
which Newley co-wrote with Leslie Bricusse.
Stop The World - I Want to Get Off, 
another Newley/Bricusse collaboration,
brought Anthony a Tony nomination for Best Actor.

 Here, in Dr. Doolitte...with Rex Harrison
(no, that's not Rex, that's a monkey)
and Samantha Eggar (right).

 The Strange World of Gurney Slade, a British TV series
that Anthony conceived of and starred in.
Along with movies, TV, and stage work,
he also wrote the theme for Goldfinger...pop hits for
Sammy, Shirley and Tony,
and received a Grammy in 1963 for his creation,
"What Kind of Fool Am I?"
 In 1971, he and Leslie received an Oscar nomination
for the musical score for Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory.

 Anthony as The Mad Hatter, in the 1985 television special,
with an all-star cast.

1931 - 1999

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