Wednesday, September 9, 2015

David Daniel Kaminsky, of Brooklyn, NY

 Danny recorded "Civilization" with the Andrews Sisters in 1947...
and they Binga-Bango-Bongoed to Number 3 on the charts with it.
This photo looks like two pics photo-shopped together,
but c'est la vie!

 That same year, Danny starred in 
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty...
and from that movie, we'll hear "The Professor." 
Sylvia Fine, who Danny married in 1940,
wrote and later produced much of his material.
By the time this movie was released, they were estranged,
yet they continued to work together professionally.

 "No Two People," from Hans Christian Andersen, 1952,
with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser.
Here Danny is pictured with Zizi Jeanmarie, in a fantasy segment.
The actual vocal part of Zizi was sung on the album
by Jane Wyman.

 A tap dancing Noah?
Well, if you've cast Danny Kaye, expect anything!
Two by Two, with music by Richard Rodgers,
lyrics, Martin Charnin, opened in 1970.
Danny "souped up" his part, going for the laughs.
He brought in the crowds, but the producers and writers were not happy.
That's Madeline Kahn on the left in green.

 And a couple additional photos I couldn't resist!
Danny's first vaudeville act, The Three Terpsichoreans...
with Cathleen Young and Dave Harvey.
They met at White Roe, a summer camp for adults in the Catskills,
where Danny worked as a tummler, someone who
keeps the folks entertained between acts
(and between courses!).
 With Bing on the set of White Christmas, 1954.
They wanted Fred, they almost got Donald...
but then there was Danny.

Danny worked for many years with UNICEF,
and this is one of the many photos of him with children around the globe.
Little known Kaye facts: Aviation Enthusiast!
Great Cook! Part Owner of the Seattle Mariners!

1911 - 1987

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