Thursday, September 17, 2015

More Sunday Faves!

 Shirley with Adolph Menjou in Little Miss Marker,
her first starring role in a major motion picture
(remember when they were called "motion pictures?"), 
in 1934, co-starring with Menjou and Dorothy Dell.
Menjou said of her.."She knows all the tricks. She frightens me."

 Lannyl Stephens and Andrea Martin,
in My Favorite Year.
We'll hear "Funny" ...cuz it is.

 Donald O'Connor...he "Make(s) 'Em Laugh"

Jessica Molaskey and "Surbaya Santa",
a parody of Marlene's Surbaya Johnny.
And YES, it will be repeated during the holiday season.
Ho Ho Ho. 

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