Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sunday Sampler!

 Minnie's Boys, 1970...a musicalized take on
the beginnings of the Marx Brothers' act,
starring Shelley Winters as Minnie, their mom.
Sort of like Gypsy, a pushy mom, but less stripping and more jokes.
The brothers, from left...Daniel Fortus as Harpo, 
Lewis J. Stadlen as Groucho, Irwin Pearl as Chico and
Alvin Kupperman as Zeppo.
80 performances...and the story is the real Groucho was paid off
NOT to raise legal objections.
Music Larry Grossman, Lyrics Hal Hackady

 For some reason, Cy Coleman and Michael Stewart
decided to write a musical about P.T. Barnum...
it hit Broadway in 1980, and was pretty much a hit.
It makes my teeth ache.
Here's Jim Dale, in the title role. Glenn Close starred as his wife.
Still can't stand it.  Why Cy, why?

 Before Steven Fry and Mike Okrent brought their revised 
Me and My Girl to Broadway,
it played in the West End with Robert Lindsay and Emma Thompson...
so cute!

Here's Jack Gilford as King Sextimus
and Carol Burnett as Princess Winifred (Fred for short!)
in the original production of Once Upon A Mattress, 1959.
Televised versions in 1964, 1972 and 2005 would follow,
and in the last one, Carol played Queen Aggravain,
and Tracey Ullman was "Fred".

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