Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Playlist for Sunday, July 19, 2015: Broadway Blue(s)

Riffing on the blues....Broadway has 'em, ya know? Okay, some of their blues are birds, gowns, skies and towns, but then there's Fanny's "Blue Over You", Ann's "Shakin' Your Blues", the "Where Has My Hubby Gone Blues", the "You Don't Wanna Play With Me Blues", and the "Blues My Naughty Baby Gives To Me"...plenty there for a set or 7.

And since summer just arrived, why not some songs to say so? Porgy and Bess, Golden Boy, The Most Happy Fella, and of course Grease have their summer songs...a little nicer than the "back a my neck feelin' dirty and gritty" variety.

Some of my favorites: Elaine (of course), "having fun."  Karen Mason and "Colored Lights", from Kander and Ebb's The Rink.  And I'll fall off the Broadway wagon any day for Peggy Lee, and "Is That All There Is?"

And to make sure we don't forget our Classics (like Greek and Aristotle and amo, amas, amat), we'll travel 42nd Street for a big Broadway finish.  And then you can tell me: "Are You Having Any Fun?"  :)

Lullaby Of Broadway (Jerry Orbach, Company, 42nd Street)
Shaking the Blues Away (Ann Miller, Easter Parade)
Blue Skies (Al Jolson, The Jazz Singer)
I'd Rather Be Blue Over You (Fanny Brice, My Man)
Be Like The Blue Bird (Mickey Deems, Anything Goes)
The You-Don't-Want-To-Play-With-Me Blues (Ann Wakefield, Paul McGrane and his
                      Bearcat Orchestra, The Boyfriend)
Alice Blue Gown (Debbie Reynolds, Irene)
Your Eyes Are Blue (Craig Lucas, Suzanne Henry, Marry Me A Little)
Where-Has-My-Hubby-Gone Blues (Loni Ackerman, Ensemble, No No Nanette)
Homesick Blues (Ensemble, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)
Buddy's Blues (Mandy Patinkin, Follies)
Really Blues (Instrumental, The Moderns)
A New Town Is A Blue Town (Harry Connick Jr., The Pajama Game)
Baloo's Blues (Phil Harris, The Jungle Book)
Blues My Naughty Baby Gives To Me (Zach Braff, Betsy Wolfe, Bullets Over
The Movin' Uptown Blues (Adam Gruper, Stuart Zagnit, The Wild Party)
Summertime (Lena Horne, Porgy And Bess)
Blame It On The Summer Night (Teresa Stratus, Rags)
Song Of A Summer Night (Keith Kaldenberg, Ensemble, The Most Happy Fella)
Night Song (Sammy Davis Jr., Golden Boy)
Summer Nights (Barry Bostwick, Carole Demas, Grease)
Are You Having Any Fun? (Elaine Stritch, Stritch)
A Shine On Your Shoes (Fred Astaire, The Bandwagon)
Get Happy (Judy Garland, Summer Stock)
If It's Time To Go (Ensemble, Brownstone)
Colored Lights (Karen Mason, And The World Goes 'Round)
Is That All There Is? (Peggy Lee, Is That All There Is?)
You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me (Tammy Grimes, 42nd Street)
Shuffle Off To Buffalo (Joseph Bova, Carole Cook, 42nd Street)
We're In The Money (Wanda Richert, Karen Prunczik, Ginny King, 42nd Street)

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