Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fosse Shots

 Fosse as The Snake in The Little Prince, 1974,
which had the music of Lerner and Loewe,
although Loewe thought little of the film and refused to attend the premiere.
Bob choreographed his own dance...and it was a pain to do.
The desert and all. 

 Co-starring as The Little Prince was Steven Warren...
with Gene Wilder as The Fox, Donna McKechnie as The Rose,
and Richard Kiley as The Aviator.
Not so successful. But definite cult status. 

 Sweet Charity's "Rich Man's Frug",
quintessential Fosse choreography.
Another take on Fellini...this time, Nights of Cabiria.

 As Daddy Brubeck in the movie version of SC,
Sammy Davis, Jr. leading his "flock."
Made three years after the Broadway musical,
Fosse spent nearly $20 million to perfect his "vision."
It nearly bankrupted Universal Pictures.

It starred Shirley McClaine, who was coached by 
the original Charity, Gwen Verdon...
and John McMartin (left).
Despite filming a "happy ending", 
which was the uniting of John and Shirley, 
Fosse preferred the main character leaving Charity...
and he got his way.

All That Jazz...another Fellini-esque take on
Joe Gideon, drug-addicted, woman-obsessed director/choreographer...
created by Fosse in 1979.
We'll hear a "cleaned up" excerpt of "Take Off With Us."

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