Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rudy Vallee: 1901 - 1986

 Herbert Prior Vallee,
born in 1901, in Vermont (though he was raised in Maine).
At his peak, Rudy was mobbed with flappers,
one of the first pop stars!

 Rudy first found success with his band,
The Connecticut Yankees...in which he became (possibly!)
the first "crooner."

 With Edgar Bergen (and Charlie McCarthy),
on one of Rudy's radio shows...
 "The Fleischmann's Yeast Hour."
Whatta title!

 And yes, he did use that megaphone!

 Rudy appeared on three episodes of 
TV's Batman in the 1970s,
as Lord Marmaduke Ffogg,
with Glynis Johns as Lady Penelope Peasoup.

“Lord Marmaduke Fogg”
“Lord Marmaduke Fogg”
He co-starred with Robert Morse
in both the movie and staged production of
How to Succeed...
at first Rudy strongly suggested he be allowed to sing
some of his old favorites, avec le megaphone.
The idea was nixed, thankfully!

Two icons of different eras,
Elvis meets Rudy.
A promotional shot for the movie
Live a Little, Love a Little, 1968.

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