Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dames at Sea...well, it started in a pond!

 It all started in 1966, at tiny Caffe Cino, 
a little coffee house in Greenwich Village,
and it was such a hit that the show went from
off off off Broadway!
At that point it went from a cast of 6 to ...
well, a few more! 

 It's You...Bernadette Peters (who was 18 when this show began),
and David Christmas.

 At the cast album recording...1968...
from left, Sally Stark, Tamara Long, and Bernadette.

By the time the show was recorded,
Bernadette was 20 years old,
but when the show opened...18!

Original poster, and the original title:
Goldiggers Afloat!

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