Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It's Kismet! Times 5!

 First there was the 1920 silent film of Kismet,
starring Otis Skinner and Elinor Fair...
Actually this version was proceeded by a play,
but how far back do we have to go?

Otis Skinner(again!) and Loretta Young starred in the 
1930 movie version filmed in Vitascope! 
It was pre-code (whoa, those harem scenes)
and except for the soundtrack, is lost to the ages.

 The 1944 version starred Marlene Dietrich and Ronald Coleman.
Edward Arnold played the evil Vizier.

 Finally 1953 brought the Broadway production
with the music of George Forrest and Robert Wright
(and Borodin!)
Here's Alfred Drake as Hajj, and Joan Diener as Lalume.

 An original cast album, with Alfred!

Howard Keel took over that role for the 
1955 with Dolores Gray,
and those aforementioned Harem-ites!

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